Macau afternoon tea, a special kind of elegance

In the words of an English folk song: "When the clock strikes four, everything in the world stops for tea." No matter how serious the matter, it has to wait until after the Englishman has had his afternoon tea! Afternoon tea started during the Victorian period, and became symbolic of the upper class lifestyle. But nowadays, everybody partakes in this ritual. In the early afternoon, pick up a cup of tea, and a few fine sweet biscuits or cakes, and share the moment with a few good friends… it’s the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon. We were lucky enough to experience fantastic afternoon tea culture in Macau. Here are some great afternoon tea spots you must check out if you’re in Macau!

Firstly, let me introduce the hottest afternoon tea location in Macau! Dean & Deluca at Galaxy Macau is incredibly popular, so you have to arrive early to guarantee you get a table. Dean & Deluca comes from New York, and if watch a lot of television you might have even seen the café before as it has appeared in lots of American TV shows. The Macau branch has kept the authentic New York style of the original café, using mostly bricks and marble, but has the added flavor of Portugal too to fit in with the unique Macanese culture. The famous rainbow cake is something you have to try, it looks incredible and tastes just as good. Another favorite is the red velvet cake. Dean & Deluca’s afternoon is so good it’s worth travelling for!

The Ritz-Carlton Café

"Café" is originally from the Greek “Kaweh”, meaning "strength and passion". All around the world, the love of coffee is growing and "café culture" comes naturally with this. No matter whether it's at home, in the office, or a social gathering, people are drinking coffee, it has become a key part of the modern lifestyle. The Ritz-Carlton Café brings a French street-side café vibe to Macau, ideal for relaxing in the afternoon, so much so that I spent two days in a row there for afternoon tea. Every day after 3 o'clock in the afternoon, there is a mime performance and an artist to draw guests’ portraits. It really is an immersive French café experience.


I believe that any girl who comes across CHA BEI , can’t help but go inside and take a look, because it's truly stunning. The space is filled with flowers: there are flowers all around you as you walk in the door, and every little corner is decorated with flowers. Tiffany blue and lake water green colors give the space a fresh and comfortable feel. Every day CHA BEI provides fresh hand-made baked treats and invigorating healthy smoothies, and juices. The afternoon tea looks and tastes amazing. Even the tea sets themselves are a thing of beauty, delicate and intricately designed. Each tea cup has its own character, its own special story. The perfect setting for you and your friends to sit, sip, and share your own special stories.

Cha Bei